A Personal Welcome

Hey there! I'm absolutely thrilled that you've chosen me to capture these cherished moments with your family. Your trust in me means the world, and I never take it for granted. With over a decade of photography experience, it still fills me with honor to be behind the lens, preserving memories you'll treasure for years to come.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Navigating This Guide

Now, I know this guide might seem like a lot to take in, but bear with me. My goal in sharing these insights with you is to answer all those questions about preparing for your session, ensuring that the photos we create reflect the aesthetic you've seen on my website.

I'm genuinely excited about our collaboration, and I'm hoping this guide makes it all a little less overwhelming.

Essential Advice for Parents

Keep Smiling :)

If there's one thing I want you to remember from this guide, it's this: Relax and keep those smiles coming!

I've got a bag full of tricks to coax those grins from your kids, and if one approach doesn't work, we'll switch things up. As a mom myself, I know that sometimes kids seem like they're not cooperating, but that's entirely normal.

Trust me to handle the little ones. You just sit back and enjoy the process. Remember, it's much harder to spot an upset child in a photo than an upset parent. For now, let's imagine you're off-duty and ready to smile!

Timing and Light


You might be wondering, "When's the best time for a photoshoot?" Well, different photographers suggest different times, but here's my take…


I prefer to schedule sessions 2–3 hours before sunset, finishing just before the golden hour begins.

Why? Because it ensures we have the cleanest, most natural light without any orange or yellow tints. This approach keeps your skin tones looking their best.

Of course, timing can be flexible, especially if nap schedules are involved. For morning sessions, we'll aim to finish before the light becomes too harsh.

Embracing the Seasons

From Winter Snow to Summer Sun

Sessions can shine in any season, even winter!

Each season brings its unique beauty, but here are some season-specific tips:


Bundle up with boots, layers, and cozy coats. Snow acts as a fantastic natural reflector, making for stunning photos.


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Prepping Toddlers

For parents with young kids, involving them in the process can make a big difference. Here's what I like to do with my own children:

  1. Introduce them to the photographer's name and what to expect.
  2. Ask them what photos are important to them and let them know your ideas.
  3. Practice some snuggly hugs and eskimo kisses to get them excited. Your toddler will be eager to show off their biggest hug during the session!
Choosing the Right Location

Picking the Perfect Backdrop

Think of a photograph like a painting – location plays a crucial role. I've scouted numerous locations that I'm confident will complement my style beautifully. I'll reach out to recommend the best spots based on your location, and I'm always open to your meaningful location ideas.


The Day of the Session

Punctuality is key, especially if you have kids. Arriving 10–15 minutes early allows you to dress the little ones right before the session starts, preventing any outfit mishaps.


The Art of Wardrobe Selection

Let's talk outfits – this is where you play a significant artistic role. Your choice of clothing has a massive impact on the overall look of your photos. Think of your outfit as the paint in our portrait, setting the tone for the entire composition.

Quick Tips for Wardrobe Choices

Light Tones

My first tip, and possibly the most important, is to wear light colors! Light colors are my "paint" of choice because they act like a reflector, lifting shadows and letting your natural skin tones shine.


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For the Guys

For the Guys

Stylish Yet Comfortable

For men, opt for comfortable, relaxed attire. Henleys and rolled dress shirts strike the right balance between dressy and casual. Avoid polo shirts for my style, and go for light-colored bottoms. Layers and textures like sweaters add depth to your look.

Cream vs. White

A Quick Note

Cream and white look different in photos. Cream often appears as white, while white can sometimes appear blue. If you have a choice, consider cream, off-white, or ivory over true white.


Guidance Throughout the Session

Don't fret about poses; I've got you covered!

I'll lead you through easy, natural poses that often result in genuine smiles and laughter. My goal is to ensure you feel relaxed and enjoy your time together.


Furry Family Members are Welcome

Plan ahead to include them at the beginning and then secure them or have a friend watch over them during the session. Exercise and groom beforehand, keep them leashed, and consider a neutral-colored leash to match your outfits.


Leaving Toys and Snacks Behind

Bringing your child's favorite toy or snacks might sound like a good idea, but sometimes it can be distracting. Trust me to capture those smiles without these distractions, and save the snacks for after the session.


When to Expect Your Images

Your photos are works of art and I take great care in making them beautiful before I send them back to you. You can expect your photos in your inbox within six weeks from the session date.

In Conclusion

I'm here

to help!



I know this guide is lengthy, but remember, I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out via email ( At the end of the day, my goal is to provide you with beautiful photos that capture the essence of your loved ones!